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MacBook Air Advertising background music - New Soul

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MacBook Air Advertising background music - New Soul for blackberry ringtones

Yael Naim - New Soul
Naim1978 Yael was born in Paris. 4 years old to Israeli life. Read a film amadeus later she decided to learn the piano. In music college after a decade piano.

Later, yael naim music type of other interested and abandoned classical music. Her father to hear the Beatles and Aretha Franklin she like it very much. Since then she begins to be pop, folk music and jazz influence. Then Yael began to be able to release, and therefore composing his shy character. Since then she also in Israel in some jazz CLUB local singing, two years after she was military service. But in his time she still group a COLLISION band called do.

In 2000, YAEL ELIE, 22, was unearthed, let her CHOURAQUI Myriam Moise in play in the sister, for as long as two years. In the meantime, she also acted harrison 's singing movie the songs.

In 2001, yael released first album "in a man 's, this is her womb" in Paris and Los Angeles also recorded. Unfortunately album and wasn't immediately big sell this adds yael not confident.

In 2004, David donatien yael known musicians, together they made a new album. By DAVID encouraged her jewish language, English and French singing. This period, she told the fc this orchestra redy governments "the a-one" campaigns.

After two years at home studio textbook, yael second album released, time is on October 2007. Title there is new.


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