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Owl City - Hello Seattle ringtones

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Owl City - Hello Seattle ringtones free download, file size: 625 kb,
i hope you like it.

Hello Seattle, I am a mountaineer
In the hills and highlands
I fall asleep in hospital parking lots
And awake in your mouth
Hello Seattle, I am a manta ray
Deep beneath the blue waves
I’ll crawl the sandy bottom of Puget Sound
And construct a summer home
Hello Seattle, I am the crescent moon
Shining down on your face
I will disguise myself as a sleeping pill
And descend inside of you
Hello Seattle, I am a cold sea horse
Feeling warm in your sand
I sing about the tide and the ocean surf
Rolling in the evening breeze
Hello Seattle, I am an albatross
On the docks and moored boats
I sail above your inlets and interstates
Through the rain and open wind
Hello Seattle, I am an old lighthouse Throwing beams of bright light
Red in the morning, blue in the evening sun
Taking heed for everyone
Take me above your light
Carry me through the night
Hold me secure in flight
Sing me to sleep tonight


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