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TopCarX car racing 2.1 for 99xx game

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Overview :
TopCarX car racing 2.1 for 99xx game

TopCarX provides the most exiting experience in a car race where you will be able to compete against other cars. 
While you drive your car, you will be able to speed it up, get awards, save your petrol, avoid any crash with other cars ... and get the highest score while you drive your car. 
TopCarX is a car game totally free. 
Moreover, it provides a global score so that each of the player can submit its achievements. With TopCarX you will be able to compete and compete against the whole community that likes the car racing game. 
- It is a free car racing game. 
- It has unlimited levels. 
- There are flags that must be captured so that you can increase your score. 
- There are cars that must be overtaken. 
- There are helicopters that can affect to the way you drive your car. 
- You can change the direction of your car using the touch screen.

BlackBerry support model: 9900 9930 p9981
Thanks and hope you enjoy!


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