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Aces Pool 1.0.4 for bb os7.0 640x480 games

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Overview :

Aces Pool 1.0.4 for bb os7.0 640x480 games - Enjoy the ultimate 3D pool experience! Play a game of 8-Ball at the local pool hall or 9-Ball in your neighbor’s basement. With Aces 3D Pool there are tons of ways to enjoy pool. You can build up your prize money by winning a tournament, challenge one of the 10 computer opponents to a game or just enjoy a relaxing game of pool with a friend.


Aces 3D Pool uses OpenGL to create one of the most realistic 3D experiences available on BlackBerry®. The lifelike ball physics allow you to put spin on the ball, or try for a bank shot. Compete against friends and track your progress with the online leaderboards and game statistics. First time player or experienced pool shark, Aces 3D Pool has something for everyone!

Game Features:
• Two game types: 8 Ball or 9 Ball
• Tournaments or one-on-one games
• 10 different opponents with various skill levels
• Two Player option
• 3D graphics and realistic game physics
• Online Leaderboards; daily, weekly and overall
• Tons of statistics
• Multiple difficulty levels
• In-game tutorials


Version: 1.0.4
File Size: 7 MB
Required: BlackBerry Device with Resolution 640 x 480 OS 7.0.0 or higher
Model: 9900, 9930, p9981


Download Instructions:
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