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Geodesic Asteroids 1.3 for blackberry 10 games

Tag: Geodesic Asteroids
Overview :
Geodesic Asteroids 1.3 for blackberry 10 games

The classic arcade game with correct physics!
Playing in a curved 2D space things do not go in a straight line!
Bonus ships not enabled in the free version.
Geodesic asteroid is played on the surface of a torus. A game where flying off the top edge brings you to the bottom edge and likewise with left/right means the space is a torus (a donut). The paths objects take in this curved space are not the straight lines of the classic arcade game.  They now follow the correct geodesic paths!
The game allows you to play on the surface of a 3D torus or on a 2D map view of the space. 
The game also contains a brief demonstration the idea of geodesics and motions in curved spaces and provides links to those who wish to delve into more detail.

Supported Devices:
BlackBerry Z10
BlackBerry Z3
BlackBerry Z30
Porsche Design P9982
Porsche Design P9983


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