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Brain Cube Reloaded v1.3.0 for 640x480 games

Tag: Cube Brain Reloaded
Overview :

Brain Cube Reloaded v1.3.0 for 640x480 games
OS 7.0
size: 8.7 MB
model: Bold 9900/9930, 9981   

Guinness book says that the current record for high-speed assembly of the Rubik's Cube belongs to the robot CubeStormer II and is equal to 5.53 seconds.We guarantee that this robot can not pass up our game for the ages. Only a man could do it....  maybe ....
We can say only one thing. This game will make your brain cubic.

- revolutionary graphics
- exciting plot
- battles with the bosses
- BBM Connected
- It is absolutely FREE !!!!!!!

Yes, and....  

Brain Cube Reloaded is perhaps the best game we've ever done.

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