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Hungry Birds 2.2 for 99xx bold themes

Tag: Birds Hungry
Overview :
free Hungry Birds 2.2 for 99xx bold themes

The little birds are Hungry! Help the papa bird collect food for the baby birds. 
But beware of the snakes that will try to kill the papa bird.
Keep the babies safe for 21 days till they are ready to fly away on their own.
A visit down memory lane - a fun spin-off of the popular childhood arcade game.
Test your skill and ability to handle speed on this most thrilling and engaging app on BlackBerry®! 
It will keep you playing for hours!
* 21 exciting levels
* Each level with new surprises and new challenges
When will the snake change directions?
Which snake will chase you?
When will they run from you?
Special seeds to gain snake killing powers!  Special foods to help you score more.
* Simple-to-use game design

BlackBerry support model: 9900 9930 p9981  

Thanks and hope you enjoy!


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