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Free Fresh Bubbles v1.0.1 for 9900, 9930 games

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Overview :

Free Fresh Bubbles v1.0.1 for 9900, 9930 games
Model: 9900 9930

Fresh Bubbles is very addictive game. The objective is to align similar bubbles to form large blocks of bubbles before bursting them. The more bubbles you have in the block before they are burst, the greater number of points you will receive.

The are 4 types of game mode and 4 levels of color.

-Normal - the number of bubbles will not increase;
-Continuous  - whenever a vertical set of bubbles has been burst and the remaining bubbles have shifted over to the right, a new, randomly -selected column of bubbles will pop up on the left;
-Shifter - when a set of bubbles has been burst, all remaining bubbles to the top and left will shift down and to the right;
-Mega Shifter - bubbles will shift down and to the right while empty columns will fill on the left.

4 levels of color:
-3 colors;
-4 colors;
-5 colors;
-6 colors;

Enjoy and have fun!
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