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Plazmic (5.0 OS / 9700, 9650, 9630, 8900) Premium theme

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Overview :
free Plazmic (5.0 OS / 9700, 9650, 9630, 8900) Premium theme

Built for the 9700, 9630, 9650, 8900 series blackberry smartphones. The “Plazmic” theme features 10 user customizable home screen icons built into a double hidden dock. The bottom banner has a miniaturized profiles icon that when highlighted hides the bottom dock. Smart and simple wallpapers displayed through out with a wallpaper friendly home screen. Dark gray menus, custom battery and signal meters, turquoise and white fonts, and smooth screen transitions create a neat, clean, and sophisticated theme.
-As with all downloads please do a hard battery pull after downloading to insure the theme appears in your options>themes location
Thank you very much for choosing “Plazmic” I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do.
-O o FRY o O
Attractive, simple, and sophisticated wallpapers
Hidden double bottom dock
10 customizable home screen icons
Profiles icon in bottom banner
Wallpaper friendly
Screen Transitions
Custom battery and signal meters
Dark gray menus featuring turquoise fonts that highlight in white
Minimum Requirements:
9700, 9630, 9650, 8900 series Blackberry
Data plan for OTA download
Screen resolution 480×360
Operating system 5.0 and higher


Download Instructions:
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 Installation Tutorial: