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Pooter PRO 2 for bold 9000 themes free ota

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Overview :

Pooter PRO 2 for bold 9000 themes free ota

size: 825 kb
model: blackberry bold 9000

this theme even more unique that Pooter PRO the first time around. Embracing the new default OEM icons Pooter PRO 2 is so delicious you want to take a bite out of your Blackberry!
5 shortcut screens on the homescreen
Scroll/Touch the bottom 5 icons for big status text
Perfect for users that don't use keyboard shortcuts
12 customizable icons
Weather widget can be turned on and off - must have free or paid weather app
No carrier
Wallpaper friendly
No transitions
Now 5 icon bottom dock can be hidden - click on the arrow to hide/show
Removed large status text
Fixed active call screen text overlapping contact's picture
All fonts left to default


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