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Hellokitty TokiDoki for 9000 themes os5.0

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Overview :

Hellokitty TokiDoki for 9000 themes os5.0
Model: 90XX Bold (Onyx) (480*320): 9000, 9020(Onyx)


Hey guys. I made a hellokitty tokidoki theme last month and here it is. ^^~ Don’t worry this won’t be the last hk tokidoki theme that I’ll be making ^^~ I just don’t have the time right now to make some themes and edit/resize icons coz I’m attending a training session at an airline company and I have to pass. lolz. Though I did a few themes back then so I’ll just be posting once every week just to update the site. Wish me luck! Christmas theme of tokidoki and hellokitty will be uploaded next week. Same icons though. I have two christmas themes here. Anyway, I hope you like this theme. ~ ^^~
Made by mizukithemes.co.cc
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