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SexXonix 1.6.3 for 82xx games

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Overview :

SexXonix 1.6.3 for 82xx games
Blackberry 82XX Series (240x320) Pearl Flip Devices Models: 8200, 8220, 8230
The speed, the skilful driving and fatal collisions... Do you think that it is a racing? Far from it! Sex Xonix is the arcade erotic conundrum with smart girls for sweets lovers. Many girls aren`t glad to part with their clothes... Very often you are to resort to various tricks and cunning to induce some kind of modest beauty to strip herself. In Sex Xonix girls aren`t shy, but you have to think over to reach a naked pretty one. On the face of this mega-erotic conundrum it has very simple rules – if you want to clear a picture you have to cut into sections à cover. You also should to avoid roving killing-balls. But such easy rules give a great opportunity to use a wide choice of game tactics. You are able to take a chance and to rush to the victory or to begin a thorough all-around siege. The first levels will not make any difficulties, but the last will force you to think a lot and to act very fast - our elite babies are only for chosen ones. The game features: -an interesting system of bonuses and anti-bonuses; -seductive beauties for every taste; -the hall of records; -the captivating game-play.


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