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Flat Match 3 v1.0.3.1 for BB Leap games

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Overview :
Flat Match 3 v1.0.3.1 for BB Leap games

This is a Match-3-Game with a flat design and without candies or diamonds :-)
# Howto:
- Match three circles of the same color - get at least three in a row to turn them into points
- Match more than three circles of the same color to get "super" circles
- Master the different goals (clear shades, get squares down, clear specific number of circles ...)
# "Super" circles:
- Match 4 circles of the same color to get a horizontal or vertical destroyer
- Match 5 circles to get a super circle that clears all the circles with the same color
- Match circles in a same-coloured square wrapper to get a bomb that destroys everything around it
- Match two super circles to get awesome effects
- Match two bombs to get a super bomb that clears the whole board
- Discover many more effects ...
# Other special elements:
- Discover the teleporter and use it in a strategic way to match 3 circles
- Destroy the "bomb circles" before they explode
- Free up locked circles
- Remove the black squares so the circles have more space to move
- Try to remove triangles as soon as possible - they spread out every move you make
- Squared and a super new innovative hex board
# Different goals:
- Clear all the brown surfaces
- Get the squares down to the bottom
- Remove all triangles
- Remove a specified number of circles
- Time mode
- Max moves mode
# If you are tired of Match 3 Games with candies or diamonds give this one a try :-) # 
Have fun!

Supported Devices:
BlackBerry Leap
BlackBerry Z10
BlackBerry Z3
BlackBerry Z30
Porsche Design P9982


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